How Do You Unlock a MasterLock Combination Lock?


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To open a classic MasterLock combination padlock, rotate the dial three revolutions to the right, and stop on the first number. Next, rotate one full revolution left, past the first number to the second number. Finally, turn the dial right to the third number, and pull down to open.

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If you lose your combination and the lock has a serial number and is not in use, you can apply directly to MasterLock to retrieve the combination. Either visit a MasterLock distributor with the lock in hand or download the Lost Combination form available at MasterLock.com. MasterLock replies to lost combination requests within four to six weeks.

If you lose your combination and your lock has no serial number, try to crack the combination by pulling down on the lock and slowly rotating the dial left from 0. There should be three locking points, which are points at which the dial resists turning. One sticking point is between numbers. Disregard this one and note down the other two locked positions.

Return the dial to 0, pull down on the shackle again, though not as hard, and rotate it to the right. You should hit one resistance point; write this down. Enter these numbers online at Null-Byte.WonderHowTo.com to generate the first number of the combination and two possible final numbers. Test these two numbers to see which has more give, then add that number to the page form. The site then generates eight possible middle numbers. Test them out to find the correct combination.

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