What Are Some Unique Wine Stopper Ideas?


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Homemade found object wine stoppers and store-bought drawer pull wine stoppers are two unique wine stopper ideas. Make your own wine stoppers with sports paraphernalia or doorknobs, or purchase glass or cast-metal drawer pulls, attaching them to recycled corks with screws.

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To make a found object wine stopper, mark the center of a one-inch automotive expansion cap with an awl, and then drill through the center with a 1/4-inch drill bit, holding it in place with pliers or a vise. Use the same bit to drill a 3/4-inch deep hole in the center of a recycled cork. Place the cap on the cork, and insert a 1/4-inch diameter dowel rod so it stick outs 1/2-inch, secured in the cork with epoxy. Choose a found object such as a billiard ball or vintage doorknob, and attach it to the dowel rod by drilling a small hole in it, and gluing it to the dowel rod with additional epoxy.

Alternatively, use cast-metal, ceramic or glass drawer pulls with store-bought corks. Attach the pulls to the corks using screws dabbed with glue. Mark the center of the corks with a pencil for best results. Make sure to leave enough exposed screw to pass through the pull, or thread the screw through the pull first. If using a vintage drawer pull without a bolt, check hardware stores for an appropriately-sized replacement.

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