What Are Some Unique Wall Clocks?


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Some unique wall clocks include those shaped like frying pans, suns or stars, and ink splatters. Another unique wall clock is entitled "Whatever, I'm late" in which all the numbers are piled in a corner of the clock face.

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One unique style of wall clock is a piece shaped like a frying pan with a fried egg design in the center of the clock face. The hands of the clock are shaped like a black knife and fork, and the numbers are white. This clock hangs on the wall by its frying pan handle.

Other unique wall clocks are shaped like gemstones when they are closed and stars or suns when they are opened. When mounted on a wall, these types of clocks have points that fan out from all sides, resembling sun rays or the points of a star. These clocks come in various colors and feature small black hands with no numbers on the clock face.

Another interesting and artistic wall clock is a stylized square piece with a blue background, white hands and the phrase "Whatever, I'm late anyway" in the lower left corner. The numbers that would normally be placed around the clock face are shown piled in the opposite corner.

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