What Are Some Unique Pool Landscape Ideas?


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Some unique pool landscape ideas include river designs, urban paradise, poolside perch and poolside container garden. A unique pool shape or adding color in certain areas of the pool can also give it a unique look.

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River landscape design is a pool that has a long length with vegetation on both sides to give it the appearance of a river. In most cases, the vegetation includes green plants and beautiful flowers. Choose plants that are not harmful and be sure to get rid of any pests or parasites on a regular basis to ensure the pool remains clean.

The waterfall landscape design is another option to consider. An inlet designed to resemble a waterfall will enhance the general beauty of the pool area. The outlet may be concealed beneath the pool or designed in such a way that it looks like water is continuously flowing through the pool.

Poolside perch landscaping can also be a good idea to think about. Right next to the swimming pool, design a perch that has all the items that offer comfort within the house. This includes seats, tables and an entertainment system. This type of pool can be an ideal place to relax or even throw a party.

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