What Are Some Unique Master Bathroom Designs?


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Unique master bathroom ideas include having two separate sinks on either side of the bathtub, using natural wood in unexpected ways and opening up the bathroom and bedroom to create one cohesive space. One idea to make a bathroom look larger is to install floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

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While many master bathrooms have two sinks in one vanity, one unique idea is to install the bathtub in the middle and a single bathroom vanity on either side of the tub.

One unique bathroom decorating idea is to use natural wood. Instead of the usual tile floor, use hardwood floors. Try installing a wood plank backsplash that matches the flooring. This provides a warm feel to the bathroom.

Creating one space that unites the master bedroom and bathroom is another unique idea. This is done by either eliminating the wall between the bedroom and bathroom or by putting window panels between the bedroom and bathroom. Another way to open up the space is to replace the bathroom door with French doors. This look works well when homeowners want to showcase a beautiful bathtub or tile work.

To make a small master bathroom look larger, install floor-to-ceiling mirrors behind the bathtub and large mirrors that extend from the bathroom vanity all the way to the ceiling.

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