What Are Some Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas?


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Ideas for a unique kitchen backsplash include laminated fabric, bricks, antique mirrors, galvanized metal or broken glass. Changing the color of the grout can give a traditional tiled backsplash a unique look.

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What Are Some Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas?
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Laminated fabric can provide the foundation for an intriguing backsplash as long as the material is water-resistant and easy to clean. Most craft stores have large laminating machines that can process fabric. This option is easy to change if the homeowner wants to redecorate.

In kitchens with exposed brick walls, the bricks themselves are a possible backsplash. Because brick is porous, the homeowner should apply a sealer before spills and splashes stain them. A concrete backsplash is another possibility if waterproofed by sealing and waxing.

Antique mirrors provide a unique backsplash. The imperfections and patina that develop as the mirror ages create a forgiving backsplash that requires very little maintenance.

Flat, galvanized metal provides a backsplash that does not require a lot of maintenance. Metal flashing is available in rolls and is waterproof without further treatment.

The use of broken glass or tile to form a mosaic provides a unique back splash. Broken mason jars are an option that adds texture and dimension to the project. The use of broken ceramic tile, either matched or unmatched, also can create a striking backsplash.

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