What Is a Unique Galley Kitchen Design?


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A unique galley kitchen design is a galley kitchen exclusively designed according to the preferences of the owner. The name galley kitchen derives from the narrow look that it has, which is similar to boat kitchens. It is also referred to as a corridor kitchen.

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What Is a Unique Galley Kitchen Design?
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The layout of a galley kitchen is simple and classic. It runs in two parallel lines of kitchen elements, one opposite the other. A galley kitchen is a great choice for small homes and apartments. It is also a good option for small and busy households or anyone who prefers to cook in a space where everything is within arm's reach. Galley kitchens shouldn't be confused with single-line kitchens, where all of the counters and cabinets are in one line. According to Home Stratosphere, a galley kitchen in a large space could have a functional island, if designed properly, but placing an island in a small space could be very inconvenient. A galley kitchen will also often include hanging dish racks and cabinets. Galley kitchens are very common in old homes and in many countries around the world. Instead of completely rebuilding an old space with a galley kitchen, a redesign of the style could turn it into a unique galley kitchen.

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