What Are Some Unique Framing Ideas?


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Some unique framing ideas include using rustic reclaimed wood, making an external mat and creating floating photo frames. You can also add a frame overlay to a plain frame, decorate it with washi tape or ribbon, wind it with colored yarn or cover it in an old belt. To do the latter, cut a belt into four pieces for the four sides of the frame, with each side cut at a 45-degree angle. Attach the material using hot glue.

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Another idea is to connect several frames into one unique shape. Lay out several frames, and arrange them so they all touch in some area. Attach mending plates to the back of the frames so the frames combine into a single unit, and hang them on the wall. Press leaves, flowers or art between two pieces of glass connected with binder clips, and forget the frames.

Instead of framing art or photos, place pieces of complimentary fabric in metal frames, or wrap yarn around square pieces of wood. Create a framed family tree by framing a silhouette of each individual in his own frame and arranging them on the wall by family member. Distinguish between the generations with different colored backgrounds.

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