What Are Some Unique Duvet Covers?


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Unique duvet covers include selections with hand-painted designs and bright, floral or animal-themed pictures. Duvet covers can be changed seasonally, so unique designs may include holiday prints or scenes. Another type of unique duvet cover is one made with textured fabric or embellishments such as sequins or glitter.

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Duvet covers are often the most comfortable and personalized part of a person's bedding set, so it can be fun to get creative and select something eccentric like a vacation-themed or exotic bedding design. An example of a way to create a vacation-themed, exotic and whimsical bedroom design involves choosing bright, beachy pastel colors for the duvet cover and then adding unique touches around the room, such as matching sheet sets, rugs and mirrors with fun shapes and other accessories in the selected theme. Additionally, because cotton fabrics are the standard for duvet covers, a unique look might feature silk, fur or another type of unusual fabric in neon or other striking, bold colors and patterns.

As duvet covers are so easy to remove and replace, unlike wallpaper or paint, they offer the freedom to have fun and inject a bit of personality into the bedroom without making a more permanent commitment.

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