What Are Some Unique Door Stoppers?

What Are Some Unique Door Stoppers?

Some unique door stoppers are those shaped like spilled ice cream cones, fall leaves and bars of gold. Other unique door stoppers include those shaped like paper airplanes and the word "STOP."

A unique and decorative door stopper is one shaped like an ice cream cone that has fallen face-down on the floor. When the cone is placed by the door, the door is stopped by the pile of spilled ice cream that spreads underneath the door's edge. The ice cream cone door stopper is made of a durable plastic.

Another unique kind of door stopper is a leaf-shaped item made by Qualy. These stoppers are made of rubber and when set out look like real fall leaves scattered on the floor. These leaf door stoppers come in a variety of autumnal-themed colors.

One interesting type of door stopper is a silicone rubber device that features the word "STOP" in big blue letters. This humorous and decorative piece is meant to demonstrate taking the job of stopping a door literally. The "STOP" door stopper has a big grip footprint and is capable of holding open doors of any weight or size.

Another quirky type of door stopper is one that is shaped and painted like a bar of gold. This door stopper has an aluminum cast iron base and joke printing on the front indicating it is 10,000 pounds worth of real gold.