What Are Some Unique Decorative Cup Dispensers?


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Unique decorative cup dispenser ideas range from modifying a can of Pringles to store bathroom rinsing cups in a convenient manner to building a large, wooden structure to hold larger, commercial-sized cups in a variety of sizes. Some cup dispensers hold the cups upside down so users can pull cups off the top, while other dispensers allow users to pull the cup from a bottom opening.

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To make a decorative cup out of a can of Pringles, the craftsman must empty out the can and clean it of any crumbs. Once the cup is clean, the craftsman slides the cups inside the sleeve of the can. The next step involves carefully putting several drops of glue around the bottom of the can. The goal is to keep the cups firmly in place without affixing so much resistance that the cups are hard to pull out from the bottom of the can.

Finally, attached pieces of construction paper around the can's outside hide the can's original design. The craftsman can then decorate the can in any way he likes. Two pieces of Velcro affix the can to the wall for easy use.

Alternatively, for larger projects, several pieces of wood put together create a unique cup dispenser for larger cups. To make this model, the craftsman cuts the pieces of wood to size and then nails them together. Glue helps keep the cups and the pieces of wood in place while a tiny spring makes the dispenser flexible. The dispenser sits at a 55-degree angle so that users pull the cup easily without risking an accident.

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