What Are Some Unique Curved Garden Edging Ideas?

What Are Some Unique Curved Garden Edging Ideas?

Unique curved garden edging ideas include horizontal brick landscape edging, flagstone and cobblestone, and edging that uses plants or recycled bottles. Horizontal brick edging provides a border in which bricks are either dug into the soil or cemented in place.

They form a raised line that is one brick high running along the edge. The bricks are positioned tightly together to eliminate spaces where dirt can accumulate or they can be set in sand to prevent movement. This border is eye-catching and inexpensive to create and provides a neatly curved edging line. One drawback to this type of edging is that moss or algae may cause discoloration over time.

Curved edging that uses flagstone or cobblestone gives a classic country cottage look to a space. Stones of various colors and sizes can be mixed and matched and embedded in sand or concrete to create an edge that is informal and rustic. Square cobbles of granite can be combined with boxwood to give a space shape and texture. The downside to this type of edge is that weeds can grow in the gaps between the stones and need to be removed.

Creating a curved edge with low mounding plants creates a soft and natural border that is easy to maintain. A low line of hardy plants that are all one color can be used to add dramatic effect and draw the eye along the border. Low growing plants such as sweet alyssum, veronica and coral bells help to soften hard edges.

Colored bottles create a hip, informal edging that gives a funky, earthy look. The bottles are buried neck down and placed side-by-side to create an eye-catching, colorful edge that reflects light.