What Are Some Unique Bathroom Layout Ideas?


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Some unique bathroom layout ideas include separated vanity areas, rounded toilet enclosures and bathroom islands. Unique bathroom elements include corner sinks, floating vanity walls, centered bath tubs and ceiling-mounted medicine cabinets. Kohler.com provides over 100 bathroom floor plan ideas. These design ideas are alterable to work with different or limited-size bath areas. Unique bathroom layouts allow designers to maximize the available space for storage and functionality by using all the square footage possible.

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Tips for choosing an optimal bathroom layout include strategic toilet placement, overlapping spaces, well-planned storage and considering function first. The location of the toilet dictates the bathroom's design. Moving an existing toilet is rarely an option when remodeling because of the expense; therefore, a toilet's placement is one of the most important factors to consider on new builds and bathroom additions.

For bathrooms with size restrictions, overlapping certain spaces is an additional option for maintaining the appearance of an open bathroom. For example, use bath tub entrance space as the clearance for the toilet or pedestal sink. It is also important to note that keeping small spaces as open as possible creates the perception of a larger space.

Another important consideration in bathroom layout design is to include factors such as the number of people that use the bathroom and whether it's the only bathroom on that level or in the whole house. These factors affect the number of drawers required and their placement as well as how much counter space is necessary for the bath to be usable and accessible by all.

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