What Are Some Unique Bathroom Floor Plans?


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Some unique bathroom floor plans include the bathtub at the center of the space, the toilet in a separate room at the end of the counter, an L-shaped counter top with makeup seat and a smaller standalone tub. Homeowners can view photos of unique floor plans for the bathroom at HGTV.com as of 2016.

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Featuring the tub in the center of the bathroom is a unique floor plan idea in a home with a large bathroom space. This is makes the tub the focal point of the room instead of placing it along a walk or tucking it away in an alcove.

Instead of placing the toilet in a separate room or at the end of a tub shower combination's wall, a unique floor plan features the toilet in a glass enclosure at the end of the counters. The enclosure is directly across from a standalone shower.

If the home has a long shallow space available for the bathroom, the homeowners can include an L-shaped counter top with mirrors. In the lower part of the L, the homeowners can create a makeup space with a chair and no sink.

If space is limited, but the homeowners want a separate tub and shower area, they can choose a smaller, standalone tub. This can include a clawfoot tub or one that lacks any border.

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