What Is a UniMac Dryer?


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A UniMac dryer is a commercial laundry dryer manufactured by Alliance Laundry Systems. The two main categories of UniMac dryers are heavy-duty tumble dryers and light-duty commercial dryers.

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UniMac heavy-duty tumble dryers are designed for use in high-volume laundry environments, such as hotels, nursing homes and commercial laundries. They are available in capacities ranging from 25 pounds to 200 pounds. For environments where space is at a premium, stacked dryers with capacities of 30 and 45 pounds are available. The dryers contain technology to accurately sense moisture levels, stopping the drying cycle precisely when the laundry is dry. This ensures laundry is dry without wasting energy or time.

For environments such as laundromats, commercial dryers with an 18-pound capacity are available. The heat source is gas or electric, and the controls can be either front mounted or rear mounted. Drying cycles can be set for normal, permanent press, delicate or no heat, and indicator lights allow customers to monitor the status of the cycle. Should maintenance be necessary, internal components are accessible through a two-piece front panel.

Dryers are one of the biggest users of energy in an on-premises laundry environment, so all UniMac dryers are designed to maximize drying efficiency and lower operating costs.

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