What Are Some Uniform Building Codes in Wisconsin?


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Among Wisconsin's statewide mandatory building codes are its uniform dwelling code, plumbing code and electrical code. Construction standards within Wisconsin's uniform dwelling code include fireplace requirements, footings, garages, roof and ceilings and walls. Heating, ventilating and air conditioning standards in the dwelling code cover, among other items, chimneys and vents, design, fuel supply systems and equipment locations and operations. Compliance with the state's plumbing and electrical codes is required by the uniform dwelling code.

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The plumbing code lays forth requirements for waste water treatment and holding devices, storm water and clear water subsurface infiltration plumbing systems and sanitary drain systems. The intent of the plumbing code, per state statute, includes protecting public health and safety, minimizing water use and extending equipment life. It requires that all structures built for human occupancy have potable water; a minimum of one toilet, a wash basin, a kitchen sink and a bathtub or shower, hot or tempered water, and either connect to or include a system for managing wastewater.

The Wisconsin electrical code requires the use of approved materials and construction methods. It addresses all aspects of electrical installation including branch circuit, branch-circuit, feeder and service calculations, outside branch circuits and feeders, ground and bonding. The dwelling code also stipulates the placement of smoke detectors in each sleeping room or outside but within 21 feet of each sleeping room when there are multiple sleeping rooms on the same floor. Floors without sleeping areas must also a smoke detector in a common area.

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