How Does the Unico System Work?

How Does the Unico System Work?

The Unico System utilizes a nylon inner core that absorbs the noise that air creates, ensuring that the HVAC unit remains very quiet. The installation of the Unico System does not require metal registers.

The Unico System is appropriate for virtually any place, including hotels, homes, religious buildings and offices. Users can install the Unico System in sidewalls, ceilings and floors. The Unico System delivers air quietly and seamlessly. The system’s supply tubing minimizes sound, and its air handler isolates noise.

The process of installing the Unico System is less disruptive than traditional cooling and heating systems. Users can install the unit by routing the flexible small ducts through existing wall cavities. The Unico System also differs from conventional units in that it does not release the air into the room. Rather, it relies on an air principle called aspiration to create a uniform, draft-free environment. This technique lowers the effective room temperature by 2 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit. Third-party tests have demonstrated that Unico’s system loses less than 5 percent of the air that the product puts out through leaky ductwork.

The Unico System removes humidity with its cooling coils. This means that users can have their thermostats set higher than they normally would and still have the conditioned space feel as if their thermostats were set lower.

The Unico System manufacturer has designed the product to blend in any décor. Users can also paint the system to match their interior design.