How Do You Unfold a Futon?

To unfold a futon, you need unlock a catching mechanism and pull the seat section forward while pushing down on the back section down so that it lies flat. Once in this position, the weight of the mattress will keep the futon in the flat position. To fold back into a sofa, the back section is pulled up and the seat section in until the catching mechanism relocks. The process takes a few minutes.

  1. Find the lever to release the locking mechanism

    To unfold the futon, find the lever to release the locking mechanism, and pull on it. In most models, this lever is conveniently located under the front seat in the center, although in some models it may be located on the sides by the folding hinges. Pull this lever to release the locking mechanism.

  2. Pull the seat section forward

    After the locking mechanism has been released, pull the seat section forward. The force of gravity will then make the back section tilt backward because there is nothing locking it to the seat section.

  3. Push the back section downward

    Once the back starts tilting backward, push it fully down toward the floor until it lies parallel with the section, making the futon sofa into a bed. Make sure to allow for space for the back section if the futon sofa sits against a wall.