What Are Some Underground House Designs?


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Underground house designs include the Hacienda de la Paz mansion in California, the Subterra missile silo in Kansas and the former Crystal Palace public restroom in London. Underground houses are typically refit from abandoned spaces when they are not designed as planned constructions from the start.

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The Hacienda de la Paz mansion was designed as a multi-level structure encompassing 50,000 square feet in total, but local laws prevented the erection of tall structures. As a result, its owner decided to dig into the earth, constructing an indoor tennis court, a ballroom, nine bedrooms and 25 bathrooms on the estate.

When the owners of the Subterra missile silo purchased the property, it was completely flooded. The owners removed over 1 million gallons of water and renovated the property completely. They then acquired an additional underground missile silo and communication bunker properties to renovate in the same manner. Subterra has 6,500 square feet, four bedrooms, a hot tub and a sauna.

In 2005, Laura Clark began renovating an abandoned 600-square foot public toilet located nearby the Crystal Palace railway station in London. The resulting underground property became a one bedroom home that cost $90,000 to renovate. The property itself cost $32,000 to purchase from the city.

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