What Are Underground Electrical Boxes Used For?


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Underground electrical boxes are used to protect outdoor electric cables and parts from moisture damage and freezing. They keep cables, devices, instruments, connections and other parts from degrading or breaking due to rust, corrosion and frost.

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Homeowners can install outdoor underground cable lines for a variety of purposes. They can run electricity to a pond pump or supply power to an outlet. When installing outdoor electrical lines, protecting cables and parts from moisture is very important. Boxes are key parts for running outdoor underground cable systems. Boxes usually house important parts such as the parts that splice the line from the house to the yard and the receptacles for the feature that requires power. They also contain wires, cables, connections and other electrical parts. Underground electrical boxes are also useful tools for municipal electrical systems. In municipal systems, boxes can house wires and important parts under sidewalks and parkways.

Underground electrical boxes can be made of a variety of materials, including plastic, concrete, polymer concrete, composite materials and metal. When installing metal boxes, homeowners must ground the boxes using ground wire. All boxes must be weatherproof to prevent moisture from damaging electrical parts. In municipal systems, underground electrical boxes must also be strong enough to carry loads, as they are often buried underneath sidewalks and other high-stress areas.

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