What Is Underfloor Heating?


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Underfloor heating is a heating system placed under floors to help keep rooms and floors warm. There are two types of underfloor heating systems that include electric underfloor heating and water underfloor heating. These heating systems distribute heat evenly throughout an area and are a popular, space-saving substitute to radiators.

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Electric underfloor heating is also called a dry system, and this system uses a group of electric wires installed under the flooring or inside the flooring to heat an entire area or room. Electric underfloor heating is ideal under stone, tile or wooden surfaces. Most users place underfloor heating under a cold, tiled bathroom floor.

The effectiveness of an electric underfloor heating system depends on how well an area is insulated and the size of the room. The effectiveness also depends on the type of flooring over the system and insulation. Options for an electric system include loose-fit wiring that is capable of fitting into small spaces and electric cable systems that travel under the floor.

Water underfloor heating is known as a wet system, and this system uses a network of pipes that are connected to the boiler. This type of system pumps hot water through the pipes under the floor into different areas in the home. Although this type of heating distributes heat more evenly, the installation costs are considerably higher.

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