What Are Some Under-Cabinet Kitchen Lighting Options?

What Are Some Under-Cabinet Kitchen Lighting Options?

Options for lighting under kitchen cabinets include puck lights, LED strips, T4 fluorescent strips and LED rope lights. All of these choices send extra light directly to the counter space beneath the cabinets.

Puck lights are round discs that fit under the cabinets. Because many of them are temporary, they work well in apartments and rental houses. Some have LED bulbs operated by batteries. Puck lights are often adjustable so that light can be directed to a certain spot.

LED strips are strips of light that burn cool and have a long life. The strips offer less spotty light than the pucks. This option is initially more expensive than other lighting options, as of 2015.

T4 fluorescent strips look similar to LED strips. Each bulb has a small diameter, and unlike older fluorescent lights, the newer versions switch on without hesitation.

LED ropes are very thin, making them almost invisible under the cabinets. They have a simple installation process but do not provide as much light as the other options.