How Do You Unclog a Washing Machine Drain Hose and Pump?

Unclogging a washing machine drain hose or pump is relatively simple and it involves opening the washing machine panel and then locating and removing the clog. If a washing machine does not drain properly, chances are that the drain hose or pump may be clogged. Should both parts of the washing machine appear to be clear, then the pump may need to be replaced.

The following shows a method of removing whatever is clogging a washing machine drain hose or pump.

  1. Unplug and drain
  2. Disconnect the washing machine from its power source before anything else. Drain and bail out as much water as possible from the washing machine.

  3. Remove the access panels
  4. Depending on the make and model of the washing machine, the location of the access panels to the drain hose and pump may vary. Removing the access panels may also void its warranty.

  5. Remove the clog
  6. Locate the clog either on the pump or near the end of the drain hose. Since washing machine pumps are semi-transparent, the clog will easily be seen. To remove the clog, unwind the clog while pulling it out as it will likely be wrapped around the inside of the pump. A needle nose pliers will make removal of the clog easier.

  7. Reattach the hose, pump and the access panel
  8. Put the hose and pump back in place, as well as the access panels. Plug the washing machine to the power source and check if it is already draining properly. If it still does not drain, the pump may have to be replaced.