How Do I Unclog a Washer Drain?


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The first step is loosening the cylinder with a pair of pliers to look at the hose or pipe. Shine the inside of the pipe with a light to find the clog and pour hot water to loosen the blockage. Remove the clog from the pipe and connect the hose to a water source to rinse out any debris. Reattach the hose as before.

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The cylinder is typically located towards the back of the machine. Depending on the washer, there may be a few hoses, so choosing the correct one is essential. Turn counterclockwise to loosen the cylinder. A straight coat hanger should be long enough to reach the clog after pouring with hot water. When unclogging, keep wiggling until the blockage is loosened. When connecting the hose to a water source, the water should flow with ease if the blockage has been removed. If water is still being pushed out then the disruption remains. Keep trying to unclog the blockage and test as necessary. If using a chemical to clean the pipe, be sure to wait ten minutes before flushing out. Once the blockage has been removed, reattach the hose to the cylinder and turn clockwise. If there is still a problem, it could mean a sewer clog, in which case a professional needs to be contacted.

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