How Do You Unclog a Tub?

How Do You Unclog a Tub?

Unclog a bathtub drain by removing the stopper, fabricating a tool from wire, and fishing out the clog that stops water from draining. Check to ensure the water flows freely and replace the stopper.

  1. Remove the stopper

    Pull the metal stopper to the open position. Grasp the knob with one hand and the stopper with the other. Turn the knob to the left to unscrew it and expose a screw. Use a wide, flat screwdriver to remove the screw and then lift the stopper from the drain.

  2. Fabricate the tool

    Cut a length of wire from a hanger or other stiff wire. Use pliers to form a small hook at one end of the wire. The hook should be small enough to fit through the cross pieces remaining in the drain.

  3. Lift out the clog

    Most bathtub drain clogs are primarily hair. Use the tool to reach into the drain and hook the clog. Pull the clog out of the drain. You may need to repeat the process several times. Discard the wad of hair in the garbage.

  4. Test the drain

    Turn on the water to ensure the tub is draining freely.

  5. Replace the stopper

    Reverse the removal steps to reinstall the stopper.