How Do You Unclog a Sink Drain?


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Clear a clogged sink drain using a plunger by plugging all outlets other than the one being plunged, adding enough water to cover the plunger and moving the tool up and down to clear the clog. Most clogs clear in a matter of seconds.

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  1. Consider your safety

    Most chemical drain cleaners are caustic. If you have poured any chemicals down the drain, do not attempt to use a plunger. If these chemicals splash on your skin or into your eyes, they may cause burns.

  2. Close other drain outlets

    Stuff a rag into the overflow drain of a bathroom sink. For a double kitchen sink, insert the plug in the second hole, and hold it there while plunging.

  3. Add water to submerge the rubber cup of the plunger

    Plungers work by forcing water through the drain to push the clog forward. Air is less effective as it compresses when under pressure. Fill the sink until the water level is even with the top of the rubber cup.

  4. Plunge the drain

    Place the cup over the drain opening to form a tight seal. Press the handle down and pull it back quickly. Continue the action until the sink begins to drain. Turn on the hot water, and allow it to run for several minutes to dissolve any grease that has accumulated inside the drain.

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