How Do You Unclog a Shower Drain?


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Clear the surface of the drain cover and clean the drain with a bent wire. This will clear most blockages in the shower. Using a hand snake may be necessary if the drain doesn't work properly after using these methods.

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According to North County Plumbing, the most common cause of a clogged shower drain is hair. Check the drain cover to ensure hair isn't obstructing the drain cover before using other methods. If hair is visible, remove it and run water to see if the drain is working. If not, remove the drain cover using a screwdriver. It may be necessary to remove the drain cover using other tools, depending on the style of the cover.

Hair blockages may be removed using a wire hanger. Begin by straightening the hanger and creating a hook on one end of the straightened hanger using pliers. Insert the hooked end of the hanger into the drain after removing the cover. The hook will grab onto the hair that is clogging the drain, allowing the blockage to be removed. This method works on clogs that are located directly behind the drain, but may not work to remove blockages that are located farther along the pipe.

North County Plumbing states that it may be necessary to use a hand snake to remove some blockages. A hand snake is inserted into the drain through the drain cover opening, then twisted to catch and remove the blockage. If this method doesn't work, contacting a professional plumber is the next step.

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