How Do You Unclog Sewer Lines?


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Using a high-pressure water jet with a psi of 4,000 pushes away the blockage, according to SFGate. If there is a root clog in the sewer line, flushing copper sulphate or a root-killing foam in the toilet effectively dissolves the blockage. An auger is another effective tool in removing matter.

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RupCoe Plumbing & Heating notes that a sewer snake with a saw-blade type head is most effective when addressing major blockages such as roots. The size of the head should also be the same width as the pipe itself. According to 4 Rooter Guy, getting an auger that is 6 feet long reaches sewer lines more effectively. The snake should come across a fair amount of resistance when applying. Clearing the pipe requires more feeding and hand-cranking until there is no more resistance.

According to The Courant, a clog in a residential sewer line has the potential to be pushed out by removing the rubber cap of the sewer line, otherwise known as the cleanout line. The cleanout line is normally a short, round pipe that is located near the foundation outside of the home. Its color is normally white. Removing the cap alleviates pressure inside the home and pushes the obstruction from the cleanout line.

Do It Yourself mentions that foam-expanding agents push out and disintegrate foreign objects in pipes. There are also liquid-based agents designed to eat away waste. In serious cases, a sewer line camera is an option for seeing the cause of the blockage.

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