How Do You Unclog a Garbage Disposal?

How Do You Unclog a Garbage Disposal?

Repair a blocked garbage disposal by removing large items located inside the unit, twisting the hex hole located on the bottom of the disposal, or cleaning the waste pipe that is connected to the unit. Most blockages can be eliminated in less than an hour.

  1. Unplug the garbage disposal

    Do not attempt to unclog the garbage disposal until the power is turned off and the unit is unplugged.

  2. Remove large debris

    Large objects, such as silverware, prevent the garbage disposal from working properly. With the unit unplugged, use a pair of pliers to remove any large pieces of food, silverware or other debris located in the unit.

  3. Use an Allen wrench to unclog the disposal

    Locate the six-sided hole on the bottom of the garbage disposal, and use an Allen wrench to twist the hex hole back and forth several times. Test the garbage disposal to determine whether it is working properly.

  4. Clean the pipes

    If other solutions do not remove the blockage, remove the PVC waste pipe that is connected to the garbage disposal. Remove any debris that is present inside the waste pipe, and reconnect it. A pipe snake may be necessary to remove clogs located deep inside the pipe.