How Do You Unclog a Drain Without Using Chemicals?


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Unclog a drain without chemicals by pulling out the stopper, removing the clog with a bent wire or similar tool and running water through the drain. Finally, replace the stopper.

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A slow-acting or clogged drain is usually caused by a build-up of hair or soap scum that is caught on the stopper or pivot rod. Sometimes the stopper pops out easily, but not always. If it doesn't, it is likely held in place by a pivot rod, which must be unscrewed and removed. To do so, remove the pivot rod nut, and simply pull out the pivot rod. In some cases, pliers may be necessary to unscrew the nut.

Once the stopper is removed, the clog is ready to be fished out. Bend a wire, clothes hanger or electrical wire in a tight hook, and remove the clogged hair and scum. Once finished, replace the stopper in the drain. If the pivot rod is removed, put the stopper in the drain, line up the pivot rod with the slot in the stopper, and push it back in. Then, tighten the nut to secure it.

Finally, run hot water down the drain to clean any remaining clog materials and to make sure the drain is unclogged.

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