How Do You Unblock a Clogged Double Sink?


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Steps required to unblock a clogged double sink involve checking the disposer for a clog, plunging the drain and cleaning the P-trap section of piping. If one sink drain is connected to a garbage disposer for food scraps, turn it on and listen for a humming noise. This noise indicates that the disposer is clogged and must be unclogged to work properly. If the disposer is not the problem, use a plunger or snake to open the drain.

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If there is standing water on the side of the sink that uses the disposer, use a plunger to force water to drain. To unclog a garbage disposer, flip the switch to the off position, and then unplug the unit. Insert an Allen wrench into the bottom hole of the disposer and turn the blades manually. After the disposer cools off, press the reset button and switch it on again. Run water to verify the drain is clear.

To clear a double sink that isn't clogged because of a disposer, close one sink drain by holding a wet rag tightly over the drain opening. Use your free hand to vigorously plunge the drain in the other sink, making sure to roll the plunger's head in the water. Remove the plunger while applying extra pressure, and water should swirl down the drain. To clear P-trap clogs, place a bucket underneath the trap, remove the trap and clean it using a screwdriver.

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