What Is Typically Included in a Lawn Care Contract?

What Is Typically Included in a Lawn Care Contract?

A good lawn care contract should include details of the services provided, type of insurance maintained by the lawn care professional, guarantees, and special caveats or fees. It is important to ask questions in case of any ambiguity before signing a contract.

The service section of the contract should note any products used, including pest control chemicals and fertilizers. This section should also detail the number of times the lawn care service agrees to provide each service. A standard contract may also include additional services such as disease control, de-thatching and aerating.

A good contract should expressly state who is liable for property damage or personal injury. Ideally, the business should carry comprehensive worker compensation and liability coverage. Homeowners should inquire about liability limits for physical injury and property damage and ensure that the service's licenses and insurance are valid.

The contract should detail guarantees in case of any problems after lawn care. Excessive cold or heat, extended droughts, and prolonged periods of rain can affect the quality of work and overall health of the lawn. The lawn company may be unable to offer solid guarantees on results in these cases.

Lastly, the contract should include special exceptions, fees and caveats. Extra fees may include charges of changing service plans or cancellation before the contact is expired. A good contract indicates that staff working with chemicals such as pesticides received certification or training to work with the specific chemicals.