What Is Typically Covered in a Clothes Washer Warranty?


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The warranty for a clothes washer typically covers mechanical or electrical failures. However, the warranty does not cover accidental damage or theft. A warranty also covers repair, which includes parts and labor. When repairing the washer is not an option, a replacement may be covered.

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Most consumers are persuaded to purchase the warranty for a clothes washer by a major retailer at the point of sale. However, there are generally cheaper warranties that cover more damage available after shopping around. Most washers are available with a standard 12-month manufacturer guarantee. A guarantee covers issues that occur as a result of mechanical or electrical malfunctions, as long as the problems occur during an established time period.

In most cases, a warranty lasts longer than a manufacturer's guarantee and can range between one and five years. The warranty is paid for by an insurance policy, and it helps owners receive a repair or replacement without hassle or additional expense.

A warranty serves as the primary insurance policy to protect the washer. In some instances, there may be restrictions placed on the value of the washer. There are also extended warranties that offer increased protection and extend the length of the original warranty. This type of warranty can cover some forms of accidental damage.

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