What Is the Typical Wattage for Most Household Appliances?


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Wattage consumption by household appliances varies widely by type, but most are within the range of 100 to 1000 Watts. Some appliances consume as little as 10 Watts, while others can consume up to 5,000 Watts.

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Watts are a measure of how much work is performed by the current flowing through a device. Wattage naturally differs widely from one kind of machine to another, since a typical washing machine must perform much more work moving clothes and draining water than a typical clock radio does keeping time. Usual values for washing machine wattage are about 500 Watts, though they can range as low as 425 Watts and as high as 1000 Watts, while values for a clock radio are between 1 Watt and 50 Watts.

The highest wattage values tend to be for heaters and air conditioners. Both can range, at a minimum, from 1000 Watts, on up to a maximum of 5000 Watts for the largest appliances. Meanwhile, laptop computers tend to have very low wattage, consuming between 25 Watts and 100 Watts.

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