What Is the Typical Value of a Full Set of Used Silverplate Flatware?

As of 2016, the value of complete sets of silverplate flatware on online auction sites ranges from $0.30 to $57 per piece. The value of silverplate sets depends on condition, rarity, pattern and availability.

The first 50 results when performing a keyword search for "silverplate flatware" on eBay as of January 2016 are between $9 and around $100 for sets of over 30 pieces. eBay lists sets from various manufacturers with the most expensive listing priced at $6,449.99, but the vast majority are between $9 and $400. Older, rarer sets in good condition usually fetch higher prices. Good sources for value estimates are the final selling prices on eBay, seller prices on Etsy shops and silver estate appraisers.