What Are Some Typical Reviews of Norwalk Juicers?


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The majority of reviews for the Norwalk Juicer are quite positive, with numerous reviewers calling it the best juicer on the market. However, most reviewers also point out that this product is probably only best for serious, experienced juicers because the juicer's process is quite time-intensive compared to other juicers, and because it is quite expensive, with an average price tag of around $2,500 as of 2015.

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Unlike many other juicers that feature a one-stage juicing process, the Norwalk Juicer uses a two-step process that enables it to produce approximately 50 percent more juice than other products. During the first step, known as trituration, the produce is cut and ground in order to break down the fibers and extract the maximum amount of nutrients. Next, the mash is then transferred into special filter bags and placed into the machine, where the juice is then extracted by a hydraulic press that exerts extreme pressure so as to completely extract all of the vitamins, enzymes and natural sugars.

While this process enables the Norwalk Juicer to produce more flavorful, more nutritious and larger quantities of juice, many reviewers complain about having to wash the filter bags after each use. In addition, some reviewers note that the filter bags sometimes leak, so using the Norwalk Juicer can often be messy.

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