What Is the Typical Life of a Swiffer Sweeper Vacuum Battery?


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The typical lifespan of a Swiffer Sweeper Vacuum battery is about one year. User reviews on the total lifespan of the battery vary from person to person, but the company reports that it will hold a good charge for up to a year.

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User reviews on the Swiffer Sweeper Vacuum battery vary. The manual for the product states that it should be charged 12-18 hours before use, and should run for about 13 minutes on a full charge. The troubleshooting portion of the manual says that the battery loses its charge over long periods if not used. It additionally advises that the type of battery used (NiCd battery) degrades over time. According to some user reviews, this means that the run time on a full charge decreases, causing them to constantly recharge the product.

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