What Are Some Typical Jenn Air Ice Maker Problems People Encounter?


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Some typical problems that people encounter with Jenn-Air ice makers include failure to work, overflowing ice, small and hollow ice cubes, a noisy condenser and ? faulty dispenser. Other typical problems include ice clumping, over-running motor, sticking push button and water leakage.

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A Jenn-Air ice maker may fail to work when the appliance temperatures increase above the recommended level. A defective water inlet valve may cause the ice maker not to start, and it may overflow when there is low water pressure to the water inlet valve. The ice maker produces small and hollow ice cubes when the water filter is clogged with lint or has been loosely fixed. The condenser may become loud and noisy when the motor area is clogged or when there is low water pressure from the house supply.

The ice dispenser may fail to work when there is a power outage or if the dispenser is clogged. Ice cubes clump together when temperature increases due to a faulty dispenser seal. The motor may overwork when the ice is not completely frozen due to a faulty control module or when the rotor is worn out. Lack of thorough lubrication can result in a sticky push button. Lint, dust and other dirt particles can also clog the push button, making it impossible to use. Finally, worn-out inlet valves may result in water leakage.

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