What Are Some Typical Features of a Jackknife Recreational Vehicle Sofa Bed?

Typical features of a Jackknife recreational vehicle sofa bed include no arms when folded into a couch, unfinished backs, reinforced steel frames and a large fold-out size. Many companies that make Jackknife beds offer a variety of material finishes and options for the beds, like arms that can be added and leg options.

Jackknife beds are found in more than just recreational vehicles, but are most common in those vehicles. Some come with these types of beds already installed and finished to match the RVs. For someone who is having an RV custom made or installing a Jackknife in a vehicle without one, he can chose to have it built the way he wishes. Many companies offer a wide range of pre-made Jackknife couches that just simply need installed. Other companies offer to build the sofa beds from the ground up. Customers building their bed brand new can choose the size, the frame, the material, legs or no legs and if they want arms or not.

It is normal for a Jackknife bed not to have the sides of the legs or ends of the couch covered when they are armless. This makes the couch easier to repair if needed and easier to fold out. Customers can get these covered if they wish when designing a custom Jackknife.