What Are Some Types of Yoga Furniture?


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Furniture designed specifically for yoga includes meditation chairs, backbenders and asana benches. A well-equipped yoga studio may also contain giant yoga balls or balance balls, cabinets for storing props and mats, and a small table to hold an altar. A low cabinet or chest works as both storage and a stand for a computer or TV screen to display online or video yoga sessions.

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Yoga chairs are low, wide seating used for meditation or for resting in poses such as sukhasana or lotus. An ordinary armless chair is a yoga essential for those unable to get up and down from a mat. Yoga asana or meditation benches are low wood seats, sometimes with padding and rockers, that allow for legs to be crossed on the floor in front or tucked underneath. The benches double as alternative seating for pranayama or breathing practice.

A backbender is a whale-shaped hardwood form. The curved support, a favorite Iyengar prop, facilitates backbend poses. Inflatable balance balls are frequently used as props for various poses and require constant muscle adjustment to counter their instability.

A table or chest for computer or TV display of instructional videos should provide clear sight lines for all yoga students.

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