What Types of Yard Equipment Can You Rent?

What Types of Yard Equipment Can You Rent?

At stores like Lowe's, homeowners can rent yard equipment such as hedge trimmers, chainsaws, leaf blowers and micro excavators. Lowe's also rents lawn dethatchers, backpack sprayers and garden tillers.

Unruly hedge owners can make use of Lowe's hedge trimmer rental. Hedge trimmers come in a variety of sizes and some work on small trees as well as on shrubs.

A chainsaw is something homeowners use so infrequently, purchasing one seems like a waste of money. Lowe's rents a variety of chainsaws meant to help clear out a yard or cut firewood for the upcoming winter.

Leaf blowers use wind power to help clear out leaves, making a property more eye appealing. Many homeowners find purchasing a leaf blower a waste of money since it only really used during one season each year, so renting makes sense.

Micro excavators help homeowners dig holes or remove foundations. They can also be used to prepare a yard for planting and the best part is that Lowe's delivers the excavator and picks it up after the job is done. This piece of yard equipment costs around $100 per day, as of October 2015, but covers everything from fuel to insurance.

Lowe's also rents lawn mowers. It is best to choose a mower that is large enough to make quick work of a lawn, no matter its size. Lowe's rents everything from push mowers to large riding mowers.