What Types of Woodturning Tools Are Available From Packard Woodworks?


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The selection of woodturning tools available on PackardWoodworks.com includes Berger hollowing tools, chatter tools and lacer skews, as well as lathes and lathe accessories. Packard also sells instructional DVDs and books for professional and hobbyist woodturners.

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Woodturning is the process of creating wooden objects by carving and sanding the wood while it turns on a lathe. As such, a wood lathe is a necessity for any woodturning project. Packard Woodworks sells a number of different lathes, including tabletop and free-standing models. The cost of a lathe from Packard Woodworks ranges from under $1000 to upwards of $7000 as of 2015, depending on the make, model and size.

The store also carries accessories for lathes, such as spindle adapters and extenders, taper accessories and sphere tools. The tools listed under the Lathe Accessories section on the website are made to attach to a lathe. Packard Woodworks also offers a number of handheld woodturning tools in different sizes and shapes. These tools are usually metal cutting heads attached to wooden handles. For example, a metal gouge tool is shaped like a half-cylinder with a sharp, tapered end. By pressing a gouge tool into the wood while it turns, the woodturner carves grooves into the surface of the wood.

Packard Woodworks also stocks measuring, marking and safety accessories for woodturners.

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