What Are Some Types of Wood Splitters?


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Different types of wood splitters include mauls and hand-pump hydraulic, electrohydraulic or gas-engine hydraulic splitters. A maul is a hand-held tool that is used in conjunction with a chopping block. An experienced maul user is able to handle 20 to 30 10-inch diameter logs in an hour.

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Since a hand-pump hydraulic splitter does not require fuel or electricity, it is useful both indoors and outside. However, it is not a fast machine, processing about 18 to 24 8-inch diameter logs per hour. Electrohydraulic splitters are capable of dealing with about twice as many 12-inch diameter logs in the same time period. Gas-powered splitters are even quicker, going through logs 18 inches in diameter at a rate of 60 to 80 per hour.

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