What Types of Window Blinds Get Good Reviews?

Different window blind types and brands that receive good reviews include Levolor Custom Visions 2-inch faux wood, Bali 1-inch mini aluminum, Bali DiamondCell-Solitaire, Levolor Classic Collection 2-inch wood and Designview chestnut 2-inch wood blinds, as noted by Bestcovery.com and Blinds.com. These are all vertical blinds that are made in different materials, such as aluminum, vinyl and faux wood. Customers gave ratings, which ranged from 4.69 to 4.77, as of 2015, to the Bali and Levolor faux wood blinds for different factors.

At Blinds.com, customers rated blinds according to factors such as appearance, quality and whether the product was easy or difficult to install. For example, the Levolor faux wood blinds can take between seven and 10 minutes to install. There were 197 customer reviews for the Levolor 2-inch faux wood blind that received an overall rating of 4.8. The two different types of Bali blinds also were highly rated on these three factors by customers.

Some wood blinds with good reviews are the Levolor Classic Collection 2-inch and Designview chestnut 2-inch blinds, as noted by the Bestcovery website. The Levolor Classic Collection 2-inch blind is available in many sizes and either dark or light wood colors. This blind also is available in a cord-free style, which is a good option to prevent possible injuries to children in homes. Similarly, the Designview blind is another good choice in homes with small children because one of its design features is a break-away cord, as noted by Bestcovery.com.