What Types of Washing Machines Are There?


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Types of washing machines include traditional top-loading washers, high-efficiency top-loading washers, front-loading washers and compact washers. As its names indicates, top-loading washers require users to load from the top of the unit. Clothes are loaded from the front of front-loading washers.

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What Types of Washing Machines Are There?
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The primary difference between top-loading and front-loading washers is the amount of water that each one uses. Top-loading washers use more water, which makes them less efficient. Front-loading washers only fill halfway with water, which cuts down on the expense of their overall maintenance even though they are typically more expensive than their top-loading counterparts.

Drying times are also longer for clothes washed in top-loading washers because the washing machine extracts less water from the clothing during its spin cycle. High-efficiency top-loading washers have a faster spin cycle than traditional top-loading washers, and they tend to hold larger loads of laundry. Because high-efficiency top-loading washers have a larger load capacity and are more efficient than traditional ones, it is not uncommon for them to be within a similar price range as front-loading models.

Compact washers are manufactured for those with limited space. Because of their smaller size, their load capacity is considerably smaller than that of full-size washing machines.

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