What Types of Warehouse Shelving Can You Buy Used?

Most of the regular component-based shelving types are available to be purchased used. The most popular types of warehouse storage solutions, including pallet racks, high-density warehouse storage racks, pick module systems and cantilever racks, are usually available for second-hand purchase. AceShelf.com is a company with a fairly comprehensive selection of used shelving types available.

Selective pallet racking is by far the most common type of warehouse storage solution. Pallet racks are made of two components, the uprights that are the support columns that hold shelves in a section of rack, and the beams that create the shelves. There is a group of optional components known as accessories that provide enhanced safety or increase the rack's structural stability.

High-density storage racks are also known as drive-in or drive-through racks. These shelf configurations allow a more efficient use of space by having the forklift driving inside of the shelving unit, instead of in aisles between separate units.

Carton flow racks, also known as pick modules, automatically rotate merchandise on a first-in first-out system. These units tend to be initially more expensive than traditional shelving, but become cheaper in the long run with savings made on improved worker efficiency.

Cantilever racks are known as furniture, pipe or lumber racks. Cantilever racks can utilize a deck to function as a normal pallet shelf, and have the added ability to easily store bulky or oddly sized material. Cantilever racks can reach a very high storage density with proper efficiency planning.