What Types of Wall Heater Thermostats Are Available?


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Some of the wall thermostats that are available for a home heating system are learning, remote energy management, programmable, digital non-programmable and manual. All of these thermostat types have pros and cons, so homeowners should research them all before choosing one.

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A learning thermostat is one option, and it gives the same benefits as a programmable one. However, they don't need to be programmed. Instead, these thermostats learn the preferences of the homeowner over time and adjust automatically. They are connected to a home Wi-Fi network and are controlled by a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Remote energy management thermostats also allow a homeowner the ability to control them through a Wi-Fi connection and can be adjusted from anywhere. The most energy-efficient option is a programmable thermostat. The homeowner can set the temperature for different times of the day or night, and the thermostat adjusts to those temperatures automatically.

There is also a non-programmable option that is digital. This gives an easy to understand read-out, but it is best for those who prefer a manual thermostat since it has to be adjusted by hand. A manual thermostat is the simplest wall thermostat and is a good choice for those who are often home and wish to keep a fixed temperature at all times.

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