What Types of Vinyl Tile Are Available at Armstrong?


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Types of vinyl tile that are available through Armstrong include traditional wood, parquet, high gloss, medium gloss and low gloss. Armstrong vinyl tile wood flooring comes in a variety of options that are designed to mimic certain types of wood such as elm, hickory and maple.

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Vinyl tile wood flooring is generally considered for customers who have experience in do-it-yourself projects. The installation process for vinyl tile wood flooring can take between one and two days depending on the size of the floor space.

There are only two parquet vinyl tile flooring options that are sold by Armstrong as of July 2015. The first option is manufactured to look like russet oak, while the second looks like light oak. Both options have good reviews on Armstrong.com.

The gloss levels dictate the overall sheen of the vinyl flooring once it is installed. High gloss vinyl tile flooring appears substantially more reflective and shiny than low gloss flooring options. Low and medium gloss vinyl tile options are advertised as being easy for customers who are inexperienced in do-it-yourself installation projects. The Armstrong low gloss vinyl tile flooring options are the most numerous and include over 40 different designs such as stones, naturals and geometrics. The medium gloss vinyl tile flooring category is smaller with only around 19 options, while the high gloss designs have around 10 options.

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