What Are Some Types of Trim Molding?


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Some types of trim molding include crown molding, casing, picture rails and chair rails. There is also baseboard trim and molding found in many homes.

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Baseboard trim is common and provides trim where the walls and floor meet. The size and style varies based on the style of the home. Baseboard trim is not only decorative, but it can hide gaps between the walls and flooring. Crown molding is a popular type of molding trim in homes. This molding comes in different styles and sizes, and is installed where the wall and ceiling meet. It most often has a 45-degree angle with a hollow space behind it. The trim around door or window frames is called casing. The most common width of the casing trim is about 2-3 inches, though this can vary based on the style of casing.

Railing trim is also a popular choice. Chair rails provide trim molding near the middle of a wall, going around the perimeter of a room. It was originally used to protect the walls from furniture, which is where the term comes from. However, it is often used only for decorative purposes. It also helps separate two different wall coverings, such as a room with wallpaper on the top and paint on the bottom, or vice versa. Homeowners use picture rails in order to hang picture frames and artwork without putting nails directly into the wall.

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