What Are Some Types of Trees With Yellow Flowers?


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Trees with yellow flowers include the yellow buckeye, the golden chain tree and the sweet acacia. These trees all produce yellow flowers at various times of the year, generally in spring or summer.

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The yellow buckeye has very thick bark and lush leaves, making it an ideal shade tree for yards in the summer. The yellow flowers that it produces in the spring are a hint of the beauty that the leaves will make in the fall, when the leaves of the buckeye turn a beautiful orange shade. The tree can grow up to 75 feet high, but can be as small as 60 feet. Though the width of tree can go up to 30 inches, which makes it listed as both a shade tree due to size and an ornamental tree due to the flowers.

The golden chain tree does not do well in warmer zones. At a glance it is reminiscent of a weeping willow tree, but in the spring it produces groups of yellow flowers. It has a slim trunk that will grow anywhere between 12 and 15 feet. It can grow almost as wide as it is tall. The tree is toxic so keep that in mind if planting in a yard with children or pets.

The sweet acacia is a shorter tree with a wide leaf spread. It does well in warmer weather and produces puffballs of yellow blooms. It is a great tree for shade as well.

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